Anacostia Anacostia

Originally made of solid wood, The Big Chair is a beacon for residents and tourists.

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Billed as one of Washington, DC’s first suburbs, Anacostia was joined to the District of Columbia in 1791. Home to historic sites, cultural destinations, a growing business district, and greenspaces–the area is enjoying a renaissance of interest and popularity.

Our Anacostia “Neighborhoods” ticket celebrates one of its most iconic landmarks, The Big Chair. Installed in 1959 as ‘the world’s tallest chair,’ the 19 ½ foot structure made of Hunduras Mahogany, and weighing 4,000 lbs. was positioned as a marketing promotion for the furniture store once located at this site. In 1960, a ‘looking glass house’ was affixed to the seat of the Chair, and was home to a woman who lived there for 42 days greeting customers. The Big Chair remains a prevalent backdrop for neighborhood gatherings, and even served as a stage for a surprise concert by one of the founders of DC’s Go-Go music genre.

After decades of exposure, the Big Chair was refitted with weather-resistant materials. The rededication plaque placed in 2006 reads in part ‘to all Washingtonians and friends of Anacostia.’

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Anacostia Park Skating Pavilion

While the pavilion is technically open all year long, the fun really gets rolling starting Memorial Day weekend. A favorite spot of retro rollers, there is even free skate rental available.