Deanwood Deanwood

A little bit country. A little bit rock and soil.

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Etched from what had previously been farmland during the Civil War, Deanwood was developed by free persons and the newly freed—many of whom built their own homes—making this Northeast location home to one of the oldest continuous African American neighborhoods in the country.

Long a rural-like enclave for African Americans in the District, Howard D. Woodson was among the architects who designed frame and brick homes in the Deanwood neighborhood. Woodson was also one of the initial owners of Suburban Gardens (1921-1940), the only amusement park to be built within the boundaries of the District. Also in Deanwood, educator Nannie Helen Burroughs opened the National Trade and Professional School for Women and Girls—one of the first in the US—in 1909.

The Deanwood “Neighborhoods” scratcher features a nature trail found in many of the areas bucolic park settings.

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Marvin Gaye Park

The longest municipal park in the District, Marvin Gaye Park is 1.6 miles in length and spans several Northeast neighborhoods including Deanwood. The park features a trail system, community gardens, and water features.