Georgetown Georgetown

The Francis Scott Key Bridge was completed in 1923, and is the District’s oldest bridge spanning the Potomac River.

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Known for its stately row houses, Georgetown is a brilliant mix of historic cobblestone streets and some of the District’s most vibrant and fashionable retail corridors.

Our Georgetown “Neighborhoods” ticket celebrates the confluence of natural and man-made beauty that attracts so many to this urban gem. Sitting along the Potomac River, the Georgetown waterfront offers visitors a pleasant sanctuary to relax and cool off during the hot summer months. Here, a rowing team glides under the Francis Scott Key Bridge as the sun sets behind the commanding spires of Georgetown University’s Healy Hall.

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Book Hill Park

An intriguing set of stone steps leads you from the hustle and bustle of Wisconsin Avenue to this beloved community park. The gentle sloping hill and small sitting area provide a charming spot to read a book or admire the view.