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When traveling the streets of the Northwest neighborhood of Mount Pleasant, if you’ve ever wondered why the streets meet at odd angles, we’ve got your answer. The area’s 18th Century settlers laid out the roadways to meet their needs. Later, when the city of Washington expanded to include what was then the rural neighborhood of Mount Pleasant, the meeting of the two designs often intersected at strange points.

The Mount Pleasant “Neighborhoods” scratcher ticket showcases the Mount Pleasant Library. Having opened in 1925, it is the third oldest in the District that is still in use. Echoing the design of neighboring embassies and churches, the Italian Renaissance structure has undergone a massive renovation and expansion undertaking that modernized the building and added new features for patrons to enjoy.

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Farmers Market

Where can you find fresh local produce, mingle with neighbors, view great art, and hear local performers on the soundstage? The Mount Pleasant Farmers Market! Operating from 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays from April to December, just follow your senses to the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market located at 3200 Mount Pleasant Street, NW—between Park Road and Lamont Street.