Tenleytown Tenleytown

Cosmopolitan address with suburban flair.

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Named for John Tennally, who owned a local tavern in the 1790’s, Tenleytown is a neighborhood located in the Northwest quadrant of the District.

The neighborhood encompasses Fort Reno, a former fort that due to its high elevation served to protect the District during the Civil War. After that time, the Fort Reno area became home to freedpersons. However, the area was leveled to construct municipal improvements including a water tower, park, and schools.

Also due to the area’s high elevation, the neighborhood is home to many of the District’s local radio and television stations.

Home to a robust business district, the Tenleytown “Neighborhoods” scratcher ticket features the quaint alfresco setting enjoyed by many of the neighborhood’s patrons.

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Fort Reno Park

Now a venue for music concerts, sports activities, and other outdoor enjoyments, Fort Reno is the site of the only battle of the Civil War to take place within the boundaries of the District of Columbia.